GENDER:  Male and Female
AGE:  10 Weeks
BREED:  Purebred French Bulldog 
STATUS:  Available
COLOR:  Blue

Delivery Time:  AU/NZ:  24 to 48 hours. Canada, UK, USA & Worldwide: 3 to 5 Days



Blue Frenchies For Sale in Australia

Blue Frenchies For Sale Australia now has adorable Blue frenchies for sale. First of all we would like to start by saying….We are responsible breeders, we are aware that every French Bulldog is NOT meant to be bred.  For this reason when selecting our males & females for our breeding line we ONLY choose the very best quality Frenchies.  We ONLY select dogs without health issues or problems and those that represent what we consider to be the BEST standards and characteristics of the breed.    Our “Blue Bloodlines” just like our Standard Colors come from some of the most respected and sought after lines available ( “Brad’s Bullies – MicroMachine” and “Maximis”- “Go Frenchie’s Trojanman” a rare triple carrier.  “Frenchie-World’s Logan” and even the one and only “Mr. Frenchie of Mystyle” just to name a few ) we are very proud of them – our goal is QUALITY FIRST – Color second.

The Blue Frenchies For Sale Australia come in solid blue/blue brindle, blue fawn and blue piebald.  Most often the eyes in a blue French bulldog will start off a beautiful sapphire blue as a puppy but change as an adult.  The blue/blue brindle eye color will change to a med brown / yellow light tan color as an adult.  The eye color in a blue fawn / blue piebald will often change to a blue grey / yellowish gold / light tan as an adult and the eye color blue fawn’s will typically change to a greenish / grey color as an adult.


How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost

The Blue Frenchies For Sale Australia is just not an easy dog to breed. First of all, very few French Bulldogs can breed naturally, mainly due to their narrow hips which makes mounting difficult. Because of this, most Frenchie females must be artificially inseminated. This is a fairly costly and time consuming process.

Some ask, why are French Bulldogs so expensive?  These are just a few of the reasons why and for these reasons more buyers should be careful when purchasing from a breeder selling “cheap puppies.”  The majority of these type of breeders ONLY care about the money, NOT the health of the dog. We have owned French Bulldogs for almost twelve and NOT one of them has EVER had serious health issues.  Our dogs are given the best of care, nutrition and quality of life with our family.



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