AGE:  12 Weeks
BREED:  Purebred British Bulldog 
STATUS:  Available
COLOR:  Brown/White

Delivery Time:  AU/NZ:  24 to 48 hours. Canada, UK, USA & Worldwide: 3 to 5 Days



British Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Australia

British Bulldog Puppies For Sale Australia offers Chopper who is from champion bloodlines. He has good looks plus the personality to match. He never says no to playtime and is always trying to catch your attention with his handsome face. His coat is soft to the touch and as you can see, he just brings a smile to your face with those adorable, round, puppy eyes. He will be up to date on his vaccinations and vet checked before arriving to his new home. Bring Chopper to your home and you will see what a joy it is to have him around.


Bulldog Temperament

Bulldog temperament is known to be calm, courageous and friendly. They are confident dogs, who are loyal and affectionate to their families. Although they have been bred as fighting dogs in the past, modern Bull dogs are not generally aggressive towards humans. They are friendly and loving in nature. A pet Bulldog will be a playful, active puppy to have in the house. This charming puppy will then in all likelihood grow into a calm, friendly older companion.


Bulldogs and Children

This is a breed that tends to get along well with the children they live with, and that enjoys being petted and played with.  They are almost all very affectionate with their families, including the smaller members. However, as with any dog supervision around young children is vital. This enables you to protect them both from accidentally hurting each other. They also benefit from early socialisation, to give them the best chance of feeling happy and confident around people of any age.

With British Bulldog Puppies For Sale Australia, Socialisation to a range of people, animals and locations will help your dog to carry that innate confidence on into adulthood. Make sure that your puppy has positive experiences around other dogs and becomes familiar with any other types of pet he might meet.  Due to their fighting dog heritage, some Bulldogs can still be wary of other dogs. Getting them to meet lots of dogs when they are still in the period of socialization will help to reduce the likelihood of this becoming a problem for your puppy later on.


Bulldog Noise

These are not dogs that are particularly prone to barking or guarding. They do however make a lot of noise,  snorting, grunting and snoring in their sleep. Most of this is down to their breathing problems. These respiratory noises might sound cute, but they are actually indications of some serious underlying health problems.

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