AGE:  10 Weeks
BREED:  Purebred British Bulldog 
STATUS:  Available
COLOR:  Brown / White

Delivery Time:  AU/NZ:  24 to 48 hours. Canada, UK, USA & Worldwide: 3 to 5 Days



British Bulldogs For Sale in Australia

British Bulldogs For Sale Australia, British Bulldog puppies for sale in Australia hopes you have room in your heart for a puppy like Duke. I give lots of love and I’d sure hope to get lots of it in return! Since the day I was born, I have been getting ready to come home to you and I am already so excited knowing that I’ll be with you soon. I have been working on becoming well socialized so that I will be ready for any type of life that you lead. I’m also vet checked so I am healthy too, I promise! I hope to be seeing you soon. We work with great classifieds as well just to make sure you have the best member added in to your home.

The British Bulldog is iconic for its wide-set frame, muscular physic and compact stubby legs. The body is stocky and dense and the head is large and wide. A hallmark of the breed is the folds of skin that form around the face and forehead of the animal, together with the drooping cheeks that extend from each eye.


British Bulldog Puppies For Sale

A direct decedent of the ancient Mastiff breeds and thought to have been mixed with Old English Terrier types, the Bulldog was developed entirely in England. The breed was first noted in the 1500s in the description of a man who had ‘two Bolddogges by his side’. They were bred with the purpose of bull baiting in mind. This required the animal be both strong and tenacious with vicious fighting spirit.

We of British Bulldogs For Sale Australia belief The modern British Bulldog is worlds apart from the fighting dog it was originally. The British Bulldog we all know today has been selectively bred over a few hundred years to serve as a companion animal. Although to some the Bulldog can appear intimidating, the breed has developed a great reputation for gentle play with children and tolerance for other household pets.


The British Bulldog is a very persistent yet even-tempered and gentle breed of domesticated dog. The intimidating appearance and the breed’s history is misleading as the British Bulldog has gone through many years of selective breeding to encourage the fine qualities the modern dog now has.


British Bulldog Puppies – ‎British Bulldog in Queensland

Here at British Bulldogs For Sale Australia, British Bulldogs are very people-orientated and crave human attention at all times. The breed is highly affectionate and especially good with children, protective and enthusiastic. Because the British Bulldog requires so much attention it is best suited to a family environment where there will be some contact throughout the day. Separation anxiety is common in the breed if they are left alone for an extended period of time.

Because the British Bulldog is a stubborn and persistent animal, training can be a chore but only if the owner doesn’t commit to a regime with patience and consistency. Commencing training when the Bulldog is a puppy is a must and establishing a pecking order early is essential for good behaviour to follow. British Bulldogs are very loyal animals and are keen to please their owners. Firm and consistent discipline is important when establishing the position of the pack leader; respect will only follow if the owner remains dominant. Get ludes here as well.

British Bulldogs For Sale Australia are not overly energetic but are enthusiastic at play time and should be exercised thoroughly at least once a day. They are best suited to living indoors as they can feel the heat, especially in an Australian summer. If you find this breed adorable and wish to have one , just Click Here to view several others and make your choice Asap.



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