AGE:  10 Weeks
BREED:  Purebred British Bulldog 
STATUS:  Available
COLOR:  Brown / White

Delivery Time:  AU/NZ:  24 to 48 hours. Canada, UK, USA & Worldwide: 3 to 5 Days



English Bulldog Puppies For Sale 

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale were once archetypal working dogs. They were bred and trained to do a job too dangerous for their masters: herding, guarding and baiting bulls – hence the name Bulldog. By the beginning of the 17th century Bulldogs started to be referred to as a unique breed. But their physique and temperament were very different from today’s Bulldogs. To attack and grab the snouts of bulls, Bulldogs were originally bred to be lightweight, athletic and aggressive.

When bull baiting was finally made illegal in 1835, the Bulldog breed almost died out. However groups of dedicated British Bulldog fanciers began to emerge in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield. These groups were crucial to the breed’s survival, and the transformation of both its physique and its temperament.


English Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Australia 

Over the years the original old English Bulldog was bred with the Pug. His physique became shorter, wider, and he developed his unmistakable pushed-in nose; and gradually his personality became good-natured, patient, friendly and gregarious. Yet Bulldogs retain some ancestral characteristics. Originally they were bred to be incredibly tenacious, and today’s Bulldogs are particularly patient: they rarely whine or bark; they cope well with prods or pokes from children; and they get along well with other dogs and pets.

All dogs need care and attention particular to their breed’s health and habits. However because Bulldogs rarely complain, their owners need to be particularly vigilant about what their Bulldog needs. In fact due to the level of care Bulldogs require, many owners and breeders believe Bulldogs are not the best breeds for first-time dog owners. Centuries of breeding have transformed the Bulldog’s famous tenacity into loving patience. He’s the perfect dog to be around kids, and other dogs and pets.

While they need to get out regularly, Bulldogs are not particularly keen on extensive exercise. In fact they’re liable to run around madly for the 15 minutes, and then collapse with their legs outstretched. So if you’re looking for a jogging partner, perhaps choose another breed. To know more about these breeds you can visit wikipedia .


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